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At Artistica we believe that no single product range can cater for our broad range of clients. This belief has allowed us to select individual products to provide a rounded and comprehensive collection that we can trust to meet our needs as professionals and to offer our clients a tailor made service.
Our main colour collection is “Sens.Us”
We discovered an increasing need and desire to work with colours that are free from PPD, parabens and ammonia. PPD is the lead cause of allergic reactions from tinting products and parabens and ammonia can also be irritants to the scalp and harsh on the hair so we decided it was time to get something better.
The MC2 range is designed to amaze. Its combination of technology and nature is the perfect solution for anyone wanting a high performance product that respects the scalp, hair and the environment. • 100% white hair coverage • Lifts color up to 4 tones • Respects scalp and hair fibre • Brilliant, multidimensional result • Long-lasting, stable color • AMMONIA & PPD FREE • Sens.Us provide 2 ammonia free bleach products and an S.O.S colour removal system. Perfect for offering creative work and colour correction while protecting the health of your hair and scalp.
Working with Sens.Us has also given us regular training and inspiration to keep providing the best possible colour service to our clients. As with our styling products we understand that there isn’t a single product range to suit all our clients so we can also offer selected ranges from other colour brands by special arrangement.

For our Creative Colour services we use Goldwell’s Elumen range, a high quality, long lasting non-oxidising colour.

With 32 shades including the most incredible rainbow colours we can create some truly incredible custom colours.

Elumen doesn’t require oxidation so there’s no damage and using the ‘Lock’ your vibrant shade will last and last!

Sometimes our hair gets dry and damaged, this is when the bonds within the hair which give it its strength are breaking or broken.

To help keep your hair looking incredible and feeling strong we use Olaplex, proven to work in the cortex of the hair to rebuild broken bonds, actually repairing the damage that can be caused by lightener, colour, heat and sunshine!

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